The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

smoke thieves

*** ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank both The Penguin Random House as well as the author, Sally Green, for this opportunity ***

Wow, The Smoke Thieves was clearly meant for me. It had everything I look for in a book. A powerful message, intelligent but also torn characters, diversity and lots and lots of action.

The story is told from five perspectives.

Tash, a street smart fiery girl, who also happens to be a successful demon hunter or rather a tempting demon bait.

Edyon, a compulsive thief, an aspiring law student and an extremely skilled liar.

March, a torn character that happened to get radicalized and whose mission is to seek revenge.

Ambrose, a loyal soldier torn between his sense of duty towards those whom he serves vs. his country. Full of honour but also full of forbidden love.

Catherine, an intelligent princess raised up to be a pawn and an ornament. Who happens to want more from life than that.

All characters’ paths intertwine over a bottle of illegal demon smoke.

The Smoke Thieves has a medieval fantasy feel to it that reminded me a tiny bit of Game of Thrones. The pace is relatively fast and is building up quite nicely throughout the book. We slowly start getting glimpses of the main plot and start working things out. Our characters don’t have all the information and it is fun guessing which one will work it out first.

I really liked how well developed all main as well as some supporting characters were. I genuinely cared about them and wanted to know more of them. I also thought the world was well built and the pace of the book was just right for me. There was lots of action but also lots of appropriate build up when necessary.

The message of brain over brawn is quite strong throughout the story. I think it’s so important to inspire readers to be inquisitive and to honour our curiosity.

There is also a story of radicalisation and privilege – something I see as very current and something we should be talking about.

Then there is gay representation as well as a message that family is not always the unit we are born into.

Overall, a very enjoyable story that left me wanting more!

You can tell that I cannot wait for its sequel already. 😊

Verdict: Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple   (5/5)

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