T5W – Auto-Buy Sci-fi & Fantasy Authors

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads.

In this week’s topic, let’s talk about my auto-buy Scifi and Fantasy Authors.

Firstly, let’s start with a caveat:

I tend not to auto-buy much these days. 🙂 I am quite a moody reader and like to choose / pick books depending on the mood I am currently experiencing.

With that said, there are a few fantasy writers, whose books I would gladly auto-buy.

Leigh Bardugo

six of crowsOh Leigh, her books really speak to me.

I enjoy both her skilled writing as well as her deep understanding of human nature.

She creates complex characters and certainly knows how to spin a highly addictive story whilst building wonderful worlds.

I also appreciate her Russian spin on most of her books even though I also loved her take on Wonderwoman.

Her books are my auto-buy books without a shadow of a doubt.

Katherine Arden

bear and nightingaleI discovered her books during the end of last year and promptly declared her one of my favourite authors.

Her writing is poetic and I need more of it. 😊

Her books are inspired by Russian folklore and have a medieval feel to them.

I enjoy her story telling, world building and that her focus is on the plot rather than romance.

Sarah J Maas

empire of stormFast-paced stories, many complex, not entirely likable characters and lots of humour = I am a fan of this author.

One second, I am laughing out loud whilst reading some banter between characters and the next one I am biting my nails as suspense is building up.

Holly Black

cruel princeAfter I finished The Cruel Prince, I started reading the Curse Workers series and found another favourite author.

Again, her characters are complex, not entirely likeable and I enjoy her writing style as well as her craftily built worlds full of scheming and politics.

I am aware that those are four, not five authors.

As this topic relates to fantasy and sci-fi, that’s it my friends.

There are many other fantasy writers, whose books I enjoy, but equally, whose books I would never auto-buy.

I would gladly auto-buy anything from Brené Brown but that’s non-fiction.

After discovering Liane Moriarty last month, I would also consider buying anything from her but that’s fiction.

Tolkien or Pratchett no longer write so I am sticking with my list of four my friends.

What about you?

Are you a loyal fan and auto-buy or do you prefer to do a bit of research first?

And if you do auto-buy, who is your favourite author?




28 thoughts on “T5W – Auto-Buy Sci-fi & Fantasy Authors”

        1. I will read your review for sure, no pressure to comment here. I have a terrible memory and always stress that I must be forgetting something. No worries there at all. 😊

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  1. Did you hear that there is going to be a new Tolkien book coming out? I think it is an old manuscript they found and his son is editing it. I can’t remember the title but I think it is a prequel and has to do with Gondor.

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  2. I haven’t heard of The Bear and The Nightingale before, but now I am intrigued! It’s on my list to check out! Thanks!!! And to answer your question, I feel like I am a mixture of both auto-buy and research. Like there are some authors where they could write their grocery lists and I buy it but at the same time I want to do intense research on it too. Idk if that makes sense. lol.

    Great list!

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    1. Oh Stephen King is a good one! I was properly addicted to his novels at one stage. I need to revisit his work again. 😂👌
      Need to check Barclay’s books out as well. Thanks for the recommendation. 😊

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  3. Leigh Bardugo is a MUST!!! 😉 Ooh, and I am definitely going to read Katherine Arden; I’ve heard her books/world are very cultural and atmospheric, which really speaks to me. Another personal auto-buy is Madeline Miller – her writing is stunning, and I can’t stop raving about her hehe! 😀

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    1. I really hope you’ll enjoy Katherine Arden. She wrote two books so far and I am eagerly awaiting the third one. 😊
      Madeline Miller has been on my radar since discovering your blog. Circe is now on my TBR list. 😊👍

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  4. You should have totally cheated and included Tolkien on that list – I would have approved of that! I mean, his books are still being published, so why nooot?
    Leigh Bardugo is so great, I enjoy her books so much! I also can’t wait to read a book by Holly Black because I’ve heard so many good things about her and I’m hoping I’ll love her as much as everybody else!
    Lovely post! ❤

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    1. You are so right, after scrolling through other T5W posts I got the idea that including Tolkien is acceptable and also discovered that there’s a recently discovered a book of his that has never been published.
      I love this book loving community.
      And so happy to hear you enjoy Bardugo’s books as well! 😊👌
      Hope you will enjoy Holly Black’s ones as well. 🤞


  5. Fun post! Glad to know your faves. I need to read a Leigh Bardugo book as I couldn’t get to that yet. Among these, Katherine Arden is a definite auto-buy. I love her books. Sarah J Maas is a bit too drama queen for me, lol! And Holly Black didn’t fascinate me as much. But, I liked her writing, not so much her characters and predictibility. Happy reading my friend, I enjoyed your post a lot! X

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    1. I agree with Sarah J Maas and drama… a bit too much of it but somehow, I always forgive her.
      I can not wait to get my hands on Katherine Arden’s new books. I’m so happy she is your favourite author too. 😊
      Thanks for stopping by and happy reading. 😊💕 xx

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      1. I’m really curious about Bardugo, but it’s all series, and I wish she had a stand alone to just get to know her. Also, I heard it’s better to read Grisha trilogy before Six of crows as it’s following same system. And no way I’m catching up on 5 books! ahaha! xx

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        1. Oh I know, series can be daunting to commit to. I’m the same and can relate to that.

          Maybe Language of Thorns, a stand-alone book full of Slav inspired darkish stories, could work. I haven’t read it yet but have heard amazing things about it and it is very high on my TBR list.

          I really enjoyed her Wonderwoman as well. She painted both the mythical world as well as the friendship between protagonists really well (and I totally binge read this book he he). ❤️ xx

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          1. I’ll email you my details and let’s whatsapp chat. 7th August is market in my diary!! Looking forward to it. 🙂 xx
            Oh nice, maybe we could do Language of Thorns as well. I am planning on reading it very shortly (I bought it a while back but in my ‘reliable’ fashion, haven’t read it yet… 🙂 ). Would you be keen? 🙂

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