T5W Rewind – Tropes you Hate

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads.

This month’s topics for the Top 5 Wednesday series are Rewind topics – which means we can choose any previously used topic throughout the series. For today’s topic, I have chosen Tropes you Hate.

Before I dive into this topic, I really want to stress out that I do not hate any of those tropes below. They can get on my nerves when they are used as an ‘easy way out’ – as something that bypasses either characters’ developments or plots’ challenges.

I am not judging anyone who likes these tropes either. Please keep that in mind. It’s all a matter of personal preferences. 🙂


  1. Love at first sight, aka. instalove

love at first sight

Insta-love is probably my biggest pet peeve. I do not believe in love at first sight. I do believe of course in attraction at first sight, but that has nothing to do with love.

In my opinion, love goes hand in hand with respect. And respect is something that is usually earned through time. It is also about understanding and appreciating each other and again, that takes time.

I think the cliché of ‘their eyes met and they knew there were destined for each another’ send a naïve message of ‘as long as there is attraction between us and we are looking at each others’ eyes, it’s all good’.

In my humble opinion, it’s a simplistic and also a bit dangerous message to be sending out there.

As my favourite author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, once famously said: “Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.”

  1. Chosen ones / special snowflakes

special snowflake

Usually a character that is destined to be the hero and to save the entire world either because everyone around them or some prophecy says so, or because they have some incredibly unique power and are therefore extremely special.

I think this is a bit of a ‘an easy way out’ card. An author can potentially use it without having to think about characters’ motivations. Because you know… it’s their destiny!!!!

Of course some authors can use this cliché and make it work, yes HP fans, I’m talking about your favourite author. But in a lot of cases, this approach sometimes doesn’t go deep into characters’ motives and can make them a bit less relatable because of that.

  1. The Plain Jane who is magically transformed to win the hunky hero’s heart


I honestly can not stand ‘The Plain Jane’ character. When you spice it up with a hunky hero saving her or his heart, I tend to lose a bit..

We are all unique and that makes us all interesting.

The Plain Jane is just a cliché that plays at our insecurities. The message of ‘there’s hope for all of us’ resonates but is it actually serving us?

I believe nobody is plain. Full stop.

  1. The evil one

evil one

The usual ‘good vs. evil’ dynamic is a cliché that gets on my nerves. We are all complex and pure evil villains are again, a bit of an easy way out.

It becomes double annoying when combined with the ‘monster is shot, stabbed, burned and impaled on a spike, and it rises again and again’ trope as well. I mean please, save us all our precious time and just kill those evil monsters off, will you?

It also has an irritable potential when combined with the evil one ‘accidentally‘ dying as well. I mean how convenient is that? When a murderer somehow stumbles and falls under a train, or off a cliff… yep, that one gets me too!

  1. Any good detective must be depressed—and preferably should have a drinking or substance overuse related problem.

dog detective

I think this one is quite self-explanatory. 😉

It’s usually closely followed by a maverick detective who doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t need anybody’s help…

There you have it. Now over to you friends.

What are your favourite ‘tropes you personally dislike’? Fancy sharing some of them with me? 🙂

19 thoughts on “T5W Rewind – Tropes you Hate”

  1. Insta love is the bane of my existence–it’s so annoying! I particularly dislike it when it’s the main plot point that the book revolves around. There are so many more interesting things to write a book about! Great list 🙂

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    1. I could not agree more.
      I read a few books where nothing was happening apart from instalove and characters’ obsessing over each other… and they were pitched as fantasy books (that was that irritated me, if it said romance I would have stayed away)! I don’t get angry very often but had I have physical copies of those books (I read primarily eBooks) I think I would hit them against a wall a few times… reading digital has it merits and does help my anger management! 😂😂😂

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  2. I agree with literally all of these. I can’t staaand insta love! I agree that love is about respect, and how can you truly love someone without knowing them? Most hated trope ever.

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  3. I agree with all of these, especially the first one! I don’t believe in love at the first sight, what I believe in attraction because I believe that love comes when you already know the person and spend time with them. Love at the first sight is just…. unrealistic. (sorry!)

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    1. Hear hear. I love the mystery part of the universe helping us to find our ‘soul mates’ but realistically, relationships require work (from both sides) and making them sound super easy with rainbows and unicorns is just painting a naive picture of ‘if he or she is the right one, it will all just magically work out’ is not helpful … I could seriously go on a massive rant here so I’ll stop here. 🙈 Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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  4. I hate the plain jane is really beautifully or becomes beautiful one so much! I was actually reading a series and the first book did plain jane but in the second book as things got harder she was getting more beautiful. Like the more stress she was under the more weight she lost and her hair got glossier and her nose was fixed! I wanted to throw the bloody book across the room. And yes just once for kicks there should be a happy well-adjusted detective 🙂 Tropes are always such a fun topic!

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    1. Of course! I forgot about the ‘beautification’ of the plain Jane as well! Such a great point. That one irritates me a lot too. 😂 More you suffer, more beautiful your exterior will be… you kidding me? As we suffer we may become stronger on the inside and that may radiate inner strength which may be perceived as attractive… but when authors apply it to physical appearance I start seeing red. Good on you for not throwing that book. I read eBooks to prevent myself from exactly that behaviour (I like my eReader too much to do that he he).
      I agree with you, they can be fun to talk about!


  5. Yes to all of them but I’m especially not a fan of instalove either and it often irks me when it happens.. except in the book I just read. I’m making one exception for that one because it was needed in the story and it would take too long to build up a relationship and would slow the book down too much otherwise.

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    1. It could work for a particular plot. I read a few books and I was ok with that. I think it’s when it’s used as an ‘easy way out’, when characters reasons / feelings don’t need to be explored, and it all evolves around instalove… that’s when it really irritates me. For a plot driven story, it could work as the main focus is not on instalove but on an actual plot I think. 😊

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    1. Exactly!
      It’s also the message it may be sending that slightly worries me.
      I really like when these detectives start acknowledging that need help – that’s when this trope can work as it starts exploring a different angle.

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  6. Haha special snowflakes are the worst in my opinion. Chosen one tropes are somewhat alright for me if it’s done well, but the special snowflakes are so obviously geared to win (in both love and plot) at the end of the day, it does nothing but bore me to death. 😤

    Great list! I like that you included the detective one there; it never made sense to me that a detective would have to be drunk and depressed to be good at his job… 😂

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    1. Chosen ones can totally work especially if authors explore how they feel about it and genuinely go deep into their characters. I think given them flaws is also what can save this trope. But yes, if a character is just ‘special’, does nothing but moan about it and is potentially combined with the plain Jane option… 😡😡😡 😊
      I think raising awareness around mental health is important and great investigators can be content and still solve cases..
      Thank you and have a great weekend. ☀️❤️

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  7. We all have different personal preference- no problem with that! But I do happen to agree with all of these! 😉 Instalove is totally annoying and has nothing to do with love imo too. I definitely think it takes time and I absolutely love that quote 😀 hahhaa that meme! Special snowflakes/chosen ones get on my wick too! It totally feels like an easy way out (though of course it can work on occasion). Oh yeah I can’t stand the plain Jane! And the evil one! And yes I recently noticed that all detectives must be drunk/addicted to something/drunk- I often wonder how they actually manage to perform their job 😉
    Awesome post! ❤

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    1. I think it’s usually when all of these are used as an easy way out… that’s when I feel like smashing those books against a wall (that’s why I read digital.. 😂)

      I also think they cam work on occasion 👌😊 it’s when they just get used instead of diving into characters’ motives and there’s a lack of development.. that I personally stop being interested in that book.

      Thanks so much. ❤️

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    1. I know, cliches sometimes become so annoying, don’t they. I’m reading digital to avoid smashing those poor books against walls.. 🙂
      Thank you Sanjula and thanks for stopping by. ❤


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