Monthly Wrap Up

July Wrap Up

July was a month full of entertaining reads.

I completed Kristin Hannah’s “triathlon” and loved it. 😊 Hannah knows how to create long lasting emotional roller-coasters. After enjoying her The Great Alone, I wanted to read more of her other books and I am her fan now. Her The Nightingale is on my TBR list next! 🙂

I also listened to the brilliant audio version of Trevor Noah – Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, narrated by the author himself. This is such an excellent memoir, full of emotionally charged stories that explore racism, feminism and a lot more. I really, really recommend it as it left a strong impression and is possibly the best audio-book I have listened to so far.

I also did a buddy with of Leigh Bardugo’s The Language of Thorns with lovely Umut. I enjoyed exchanging our notes and discussing each of those magical stories. Thanks Umut for being such an awesome buddy reader to me! ❤️

For those interested, here’s my complete list:

Leigh Bardugo:  The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic

Kristin Hannah:

  1. Firefly Lane
  2. True Colours
  3. Night Road

Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Health-wise: I finally bit the bullet and went to see a doctor about my digestion. We had quite a lengthy chat and he suspects some form of IBS or even IBD being behind my symptoms. I got a referral to see a specialist in August and will start the process of being tested and prodded.

My anxiety has been at its worst. It may have something to do with being quite involved in my health and self-diagnosing myself every few days with a new diagnosis, ranging from leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s disease …

Also, my grandma, has been very unwell and it really hit me.

I found myself spending more and more time online mindlessly scrolling down social media feeds and feeling like crap. I also spent hours researching what may be wrong with me. To feel better, I started spending money online. Something I am not proud of and which I want to address.

I am declaring August to be my month of slow and intentional living.

I have deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts as these both contribute to my mindless scrolling addiction and may temporarily disable my Facebook account to spend more time off-line.

This is going to impact my blog as well.

August will be my blog’s summer holiday month. 🙂

If I feel like writing posts and reviews, I’ll prepare them but will not be posting, nor will be blog hopping as I want to reduce my anxiety, which is not helping my digestion and health in general.

This is not a goodbye, just a short summer holiday with the ‘see you in September’ premise. 😊

Hope you all have a wonderful August, full of long evenings, BBQs, sunshine, laughter, time with your loved ones as well as time spent outdoors.

My plan is to carry on reading but also to finally start learning how to surf and to spend time on my life coach certification.

Thank you for reading and for being here. See you in September my friends! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

25 thoughts on “July Wrap Up”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve come up with some ideas to address your stress and health, Vera. I’ve shut off social media many times myself. My accounts and now so culled that very few people are on any of them, which gives me access to friends and family and cuts down on all the crap. See you in September, dear! And don’t forget that you can use the DM function on Twitter to write to people just to talk. I’m available if you want to do that.

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    1. Thanks Melanie, really appreciate both the offer as well as your kind words.

      Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you in September. I always enjoy reading both your posts as well as your thoughtful comments. ❤️


  2. I hope you have a relaxing August. My insurance will finally be fixed and what it needs to be on the 1st so I need to stop making excuses and do the same Doctor wise. Good luck to you! I hope it all works out 🙂

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  3. Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors, so I’m always happy to see someone else enjoying her books (especially my favorites: True Colors and Firefly Lane). I have yet to read The Nightingale or The Great Alone, but I recently picked up the former at a book sale so I’m going to hopefully get to it in August. And if you’re interested – Winter Garden and Fly Away are two that I would recommend. 🙂

    Enjoy your blog holiday!

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    1. Thanks Kelsey for both those recommendations and the wishes. I will definitely be checking those two books out as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and wishing you enjoy The Great Alone as much as I did. 😊

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  4. Taking time out for yourself is a great way to de-stress. Me and mine both quit Facebook, and while I still post to Instagram, I try to limit online time to the minimum. It all helps!

    Have a great break and enjoy long, quiet walks, and or time alone. And come back refreshed. I for one, will miss your posts. Take care.

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    1. Thanks so much Alex for your kind words. ❤️ I will miss your posts too and am looking forward to catching up with you in September.

      Have a wonderful August and ‘see’ you soon. 🙂 ❤️

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  5. I really hope you find some answers! Definitely take it easy, testing and being prodded is no fun. I hope things work out and you start to feel better soon! I’ll miss you and your blog but I totally understand! Take care ❤️❤️

    Also, I hope you love Kirstin Hannah’s The Nightingale! I also love Winter Garden by her, one of my all time faves!

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    1. Thank you for both your kind words Leslie as well as those recommendations. I will definitely read both The Nightingale (already purchased 🙂 ) as well as Winter Garden.

      I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for your that your own journey goes well. A few of my friends have gone through many painful years of trying and I know how hard it was on them. But it did happen in the end for all of them, so really, really thinking of you. ❤️

      Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you again in September. ❤️❤️

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      1. You are more than welcome! Great, I can’t wait to see your thoughts on them!

        Thank you, for all your thoughts and kind words! I’m trying to stay hopeful <3. I really appreciate it! Maybe August will be great months for both of us! :)Have an amazing break and I can't wait to see you back in September!! <3<3<3

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  6. Surfing sounds awesome! Where can you actually do that around here? I think i’ve seen people do it in Cornwall. I’m way too scared of water for that kinda thing… 😀

    I really wanna read The Great Alone too. Maybe if my netgalley ban works out, i even have time for it soon. 😀 Hehe.

    Enjoy your time off! ❤

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    1. Thanks Norris. ❤️

      We found a surfing school in South Wales, not too far way from us. Cornwall is supposed to be awesome but is a bit further. I can’t wait!

      Have a great time in Greece next month and fingers crossed with that Netgalley thing! 😊❤️

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  7. Awww… IBS is not fun. From someone who has it and loves booze and spicy foods there is a BIG list of no no foods… Like BIG! Do I listen?? Not as well as I should. Do I regret it?? IMMENSELY! But, when I die, I’d like to die happy, not deprived for the things I love! 😅
    Have fun on your summer holiday! I hope you enjoy! 💖💖

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    1. Big big hugs, any form of bowel irritation is not fun. We live once and no regrets is something that resonates with me as well. ❤️

      Thanks for those wishes. I’m about to go to the faraway offline world. Have a wonderful August and see you in September. 😊❤️❤️

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  8. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. 😦 I hope your grandmother is doing alright, and I think staying away from social media is definitely the right step to take. Even if you feel like it’s not contributing to mental illness, it actually does in increments, especially when your health isn’t great in the first place. (Speaking from personal experience of course.)

    Do take care of yourself Vera! I hope you feel better by the end of the month, and if need be, do take more time to stay unplugged; we’ll be waiting till you get back. Enjoy your break! ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Jacqui! All apps uninstalled from my devices, just popping by to acknowledge comments before the slow and intentional hiatus. 🙂 Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow. ❤️


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