Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Wild Magic

Let’s start with GoodReads‘ summary:

Wildness is a kind of magic

Discover a land of enchantment, legend, and adventure in this first book of The Immortals series, featuring an updated cover – perfect for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Daine has always had a special connection with animals, but only when she’s forced to leave home does she realize it’s more than a knack . . . it’s magic. With this wild magic, not only can Daine speak to animals, but she can also make them obey her. Daine takes a job handling horses for the Queen’s Riders, where she meets the master mage Numair and becomes his apprentice.

Under Numair’s guidance, Daine explores the scope of her magic. But she encounters other beings, too, who are not so gentle. These terrifying creatures, called Immortals, have been imprisoned in the Divine Realms for the past four hundred years – but now someone has broken the barrier. And it’s up to Daine and her friends to defend their world from an Immortal attack.

Do you remember that time when you read a book and it made your heart sing? That’s what Wild Magic did to me. I felt so wonderfully absorbed whilst reading it and all I wanted to know was what was going to happen next.

I fully agree with Saraj J Maas’ statement of Tamora Pierce‘s work: “Tamora is a pillar, an icon, and as inspiration“. There is something about Pierce‘s books that just makes me so happy.

I’ll start with a caveat– Wild Magic is not a Young Adult (YA) book anymore. It was written when YA was slightly differently classified than how it is today. I would classify it as Middle Grade (MG) as there’s a lot of innocence in it and it’s that coming-of-age story that grabbed me and stole my heart. The content is much less mature than what YA is these days but please don’t be put off by that by any means!

Wild Magic is wonderfully charming and utterly warmed my soul. For starters, our main character Daine talks to animals. How cool is that? Ever since I was a little child, I have always pretended I could understand animals and have always ‘voiced’ their opinions.

I notice a trend in YA fiction these days that delivers those ‘I can kick anyone’s butt and I don’t need anybody’s help’ heroines, which can become after a while rather tedious and bland. I suppose they are the response to those traditional damsels in distress and frankly, I am rather fed up with both of those types.

Daine is different because she fits neither category. I so wish I read this book whilst growing up as she could have been a brilliant role model for me then. I immediately warmed to Daine as she is my definition of strength. She is happy to think for herself, decides to face her fears, asks for help when needed and is also shy and modest. Her strength is this quiet quality that doesn’t scream ‘look at me, I’m so awesome’ but rather says ‘that didn’t work, I’ll try again tomorrow’. She grows and her, sometimes naïve opinions, get slowly questioned and shaped whilst she still stays in charge of those final decisions. She decides what she will think but is also willing to listen and learn. How beautiful would that be to share such message with our youngsters?

I also appreciate how Pierce dives into breaking stereotypes – her characters teach us that it’s absolutely OK not to be able to fit in. That belonging is much more than ticking certain boxes and that family, regardless if it’s our blood one or a chosen one, doesn’t care about what we are but rather who we are as people.

Daine is flawed but also likeable. She goes through many lessons – my favourite one was what to do, when someone wants to help us but we don’t want them to as ‘they may get hurt’. The lesson from this book tells us that it is the decision for them to make, not us, despite of how much that may pain us.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a charming and well-written story. There is so much wisdom and soul in Wild Magic. It’s a wonderful story full of magic that features brave and likeable characters, varying from humans, horses, dogs, cats, whales, dragons and many more.

I would like to thank to both the publisher, Pan Macmillan as well as the author, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Now over to you.

Have you read Wild Magic?

If so, what did you think?

If not, have you read anything by Tamora Pierce yet?

As always, the fun part is the one when I get to talk to you. Thanks for being here! ❤️❤️❤️

24 thoughts on “Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce”

  1. Lovely review! I really liked the way you described Diane! I too have grown tired of the kick butt females that are so recurring in YA fiction, and it sounds like Daine wonderfully breaks this stereotype! ❤️

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    1. Thanks Kelly! 💕
      I honestly think you would like Pierce’s books, she creates some wonderfully magical stories full of likeable characters that are flawed but willing to grow. ❤️

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  2. Your reviews is so touching in praise that I’m already charmed by Diana, and the possibilities in Wild Magic. I don’t usually read much fantasy, much less YA. But I really would (I think) be enchanted with what you’ve told us, Vera! Going on the list! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I don’t normally gush over books but Wild Magic made me so happy and I had to share it with you. 😊 I sincerely hope you will enjoy it if you read it one day. 😊🍀

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  3. Beautiful review! I adore this book, and you really capture the essence of what makes it so special just perfectly. Daine is such a special character. I loved the quartet! I’ve been binging the Tortall books this year (I’m on #4 of the Protector of the Small books right now), and I’m just sorry that it took me so long to finally dive in. She’s such a talented author, and I love the messages in her books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa.
      I have a feeling that I will binge on the Tortall books as well. There’s this wholesomeness about her books that I so appreciate. Glad you enjoyed the quartet, I am having lots of fun with book 2 – I am near its end. 😊


  4. I don’t typically read middle grade books, but I do like fantasy. The fantasy series I’m reading in 2019 has mages. They also have heralds. The highest order of magician is a herald-mage, but they are on the brink of extinction!

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    1. MG is not for everyone, I absolutely understand. 😊
      I am looking forward to hearing more about your fantasy reading plans soon. And am REALLY looking forward to joining your reading club! 😊


  5. Ah I haven’t read this book for ages, but it most definitely made my heart sing!! Pierce’s books make me so happy too 😀 It totally makes sense that Maas was inspired by Pierce 😉 Yeah it does fall more into MG by today’s standards. And yeah I’m fed up with those flawless, kickass female types of heroines too- it’s just gotten old really fast. Daine is such a unique and inspiring heroine!! So agree that she’s flawed, yet likeable. And I love how Pierce breaks down stereotypes 😀 Wonderful review!! so agree with your take on this 😀

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    1. You have no idea how happy this makes me. I’m so pleased to hear you felt the same about both this book as well as Daine.
      At the beginning of this new publication, Maas, Bardugo, Arden etc all include praise for Pierce’s work, I found it so touching!
      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!


  6. I adore these books, the whole series, starting with Alanna. To get the full Tortall experience, I suggest reading them all in chronological order (also to avoid spoilers). So it goes Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, Protector of the Small, Daughter of the Lioness. And then we get to The Numair Chronicles she’s writing now.

    But hands down, Tamora Pierce is the Queen of fantasy!

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    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m so excited about all of those books I’m still yet to read!
      I enjoyed Song of the Lioness and loving the Immortals quartet as well. Making a note to check the rest of those books in the order you wrote. Thank you! 😊

      And yes, I do agree! Long live the Queen. 😍

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