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Thankful and Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US friends.

Regardless where you are from, I am grateful for this amazing and supportive bookish community. Thanks for being here and thank you for sharing your love of books with me. ❤️

I am also grateful for all those wonderful authors that entertain us and write all those magical stories for us. Thank you for creating, regardless how hard it gets sometimes. ❤️

Happy reading my friends. 📚

16 thoughts on “Thankful and Grateful”

  1. And thank you, Vera, for all your support and comments. I too am so grateful for all the online friends blogging has brought me. Not only that, but the chance to share, swap, and connect with such a diverse, thoughtful group of people.

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    1. Me too Alex, I sometimes dislike the impact of certain technological advances on my life but then I am also extremely grateful that such technology exists to connect us all together in moments like these.

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    1. Same to you Kelly, I am so grateful I have found your sweet soul amongst this lovely community. I cherish the moments we interact with each other love, I really do. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday with your loved ones. 💕

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