My name is Vera and I am a recovering perfectionist. Since early childhood, I’ve also been a book worm. 😊

As a little kid, I just could not comprehend why anybody would choose to do something different than to read. And I was highly irritated when anybody would ask me to do something different than to read. I still am sometimes. 😊

I remember reading underneath my blanket with a flashlight as it was past my bedtime and my mum wanted me to be awake the next day. I remember getting s$$$ scared reading The Shining till early hours of the morning. I remember refusing to fall asleep after I finished reading the Nightmare of Elm Street. I remember discovering folk stories, Tolkien and creating my own world full of imaginary friends. With whom I was having tea in woods on a regular basis.

I love clever and well plotted stories. I don’t necessary like stories about heroes. I enjoy stories about ordinary people. They don’t win all the time, they make a lot of mistakes but they don’t give up even when they really, really want to.

I love torn characters that are vulnerable, flawed, clever but who also want to help others from time to time.


Random facts about me:

  • I like my coffee black and unfiltered. Yeah, I know.. my boyfriend still tries to get me to use caffettiera. Person Shrugging on Apple
  • I think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend my day wearing PJ’s on a sofa with a good book whilst drinking lots of good strong coffee.
  • I am an outgoing person but also quite introverted. I get my energy from being alone despite being the heart of every party.
  • I am a rock climber who is scared of heights.
  • When I am on my yoga mat, I feel like I’m home.
  • I was born in then communist Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic or Czechia these days) and still pretend to speak a bit of Russian (whilst mostly speaking Slovak with a fake Russian accent).
  • I love horse riding but I am slightly scared of horses.
  • I am a minimalist who reads digital, hates owning a lot of stuff and thinks Seneca was a pretty clever dude. 😊
  • I am obsessively curious… I want to know WHY…. it tends to get me into trouble…
  • I am working on qualifying as a Life Coach as I am fascinated by people and always wondering why we are doing what we are doing… it tends to get me into trouble… 🙃


My current reading goal is to finish 100 books in 2018 reading challenge and I enjoy reading fantasy, murder/mystery, YA and science fiction books. Some of my favourite writers are Leigh Bardugo, Katherine Arden and Tamora Pierce.


I enjoy connecting with kindred spirits. Please get in touch either via sending me a comment on my blog or via connecting on Facebook or GoodReads.


My rating system:

Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple   (5/5) This is my kind of book! It resonated with me, I absolutely loved it and now I am experiencing a proper book hangover as the book is no more….

Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple  (4/5) I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. But I don’t have a book hangover nor did I obsess about it.

Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple  (3/5) This book was alright. I cannot decide if I would recommend it. There was something that just was not quite for me, but I finished it and found something in it that I enjoyed.

Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple  (2/5) On the verge of not finishing this book. It did not resonate with me, or (and) I did not get its message and is not quite my cup of tea coffee.

Hot Beverage on Apple  (1/5) I either did not finish this book, or, in case of me miraculously finishing it, it was not for me at all.