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February Wrap Up

MonthlyWrapUp @ UnfilteredTales

Hello fellow readers,

Can you believe it?

We are in March already!

I know, I know… how very observant of me…. 😉

Still, how is it possible that this year is literally flying by. 🙂

Hope you all had two wonderful winter months and that, like me, you are ready for the Spring. 🙂

“Dear Spring, whenever you are ready, I will really appreciate your warmth and sunshine!! Sun With Face on Samsung Experience 9.0

For those interested, here is what I read in February:


YA / Fantasy:

Crime / Thriller:

Non Fiction:

February was a busy reading month.

What definitely stood out for me was both Heartless and The Smoke Thieves.

Both very different yet utterly indulgent reads I did not want to put away.

Unfortunately Wintersong was a bit of a let down despite its gorgeous writing.

What stood out for you in February? And did something disappoint you?

Here’s to another great month of reading!Books on Apple iOS 11.2



Everless by Sara Holland


Everless was surprisingly much better than expected. I have been growing away from YA but Everless reminded me that I can still enjoy this genre.

I was intrigued by its concept. Imagine living in a world where time is your currency. It is a world, where you can bleed your time in order to pay your rent or buy groceries or when you can drink / eat it to live longer. Sounds interesting, right?

Side note: I know that this is not a novel concept per se as some of you may have seen it in a movie In Time. But then again, what is original these days? I don’t mind when authors use already known concepts and work with them. To me, it’s the world building, developed and interesting characters as well as the story and its message that really matters.

The beginning starts with a lot of information and a girl hunting in the woods. Me? Eye roll 🙄and thinking: not again?!? 😉However once I got over the beginning, I got hooked very quickly and literally could not put this book down.

We get introduced to the world where time really matters. We meet Jules, a poor girl who just turned 17 – an age when she can start legally ‘bleeding her time’ and her ill dad, who is slowly running out of his time. The concept of parents bleeding their time to provide for their children really gave me chills as I thought it utterly believable.

Long story short: Jules is trying to save her dad and takes a job at Everless – an estate owned by one of the richest families. It also happens to be a dark place where bad things are about to happen.

My short summary of this book could be written as:

“Dad: ‘Stay away from Everless, stay away from the Queen. Bad things will happen to you’.
Jules start running towards Everless and the Queen and bad things are happening to her…”

Teenage rebellion perhaps? 😄I always have to chuckle when main characters get told literally by everybody not to do something which they promptly ignore and decide to do the exact thing that are told not to do.

Some points I struggled with:

• There is an ancient story about how time became bound to blood. The relationship between the Sorceress and the Alchemist is still unclear to me and I am confused about how they got captured and by whom. Maybe there is an opportunity for an explanation in the sequel as I really want to know please! 😄

• I also have a few issues with Jules. I thought there was a little bit of a missed growth opportunity and was a bit surprised with her crush over Roan. I suppose she could have romanticised him as he could have been her childhood crush (she was 7 though!) but still, it didn’t sit that well with me. I did like how she developed certain female friendships throughout the book and how curious, feisty and strong-willed she was.

Anyhow, I thought Holland’s language was very captivating, the pace and the steady build up really worked for me. I really liked the element of mystery and how craftfully it was span.

I also really, really appreciated that the primary focus was on the actual plot rather than the romance part. That may disappoint some but I am honestly fed up with books where nothing is happening apart from a girl obsessing over a guy and vice versa.
There were also some enjoyable twists; a few surprising villain revelations and the ending left me desperately wanting to read its sequel already.

“What if the person to be feared is me?” 

Overall, I thought it was a terrific debut and I honestly can not wait to read next chapter in Jules’ story.

Verdict: Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple Hot Beverage on Apple   (4/5)